Mark Studies 8-15 ~ Bible Study Questions

Gospel of Mark Studies 8-15

Mark Study 8

Read Mark 4: 1-20

1. What kind of teaching is a parable?

2. How is the word of God sown?

3. Under what conditions does it fail to prosper?

4. When does it thrive?

5. How are the secrets of the kingdom revealed?

6. How is this parable a key to all others?

7. How can our hearts be “good soil” for God’s word? What will be the result?

Mark Study 9

Read Mark 4: 21-25

1. In what way was Jesus like a light that had entered a dark room? (Read John 1:4-9)

2. How can Jesus’ words shine forth?

3. What “measure” do we bring to Jesus that will always be filled to overflowing?

4. How can we increase our receptiveness to Jesus’ words?

Read Mark 4: 26-29

5. How did Jesus broaden the disciples’ understanding of His role, not only as sower but also as reaper?

6. How is the mundane action of a plant growing like the time between accepting Christ and the day of judgement?

7. What warning is there for us in this short parable about the Kingdom of God?

Mark Study 10

Read Mark 4: 30-34

1. The Bible often describes kingdoms as being like trees that provide shelter. (Read Ezekiel 17:22-24) What is special about the tree in Jesus’ parable?

2. Out of what small beginning does God’s Kingdom grow?

3. How did Jesus’ slow and patient teaching of His small band of disciples grow His kingdom?

Read Mark 4: 35-41

4. Why did the disciples wake Jesus?

5. Of what were they afraid in verses 38 and 41?

6. What faith did they lack?

7. How can faith impact on the way we cope with difficult circumstances?

Mark Study 11

Read Mark 5: 1-20

1. What power did the demons have over this man? Of what were the demons afraid?

2. How was Jesus’ power even greater?

3. Of what were the people of this region afraid?

4. The healed man and the townspeople made very different requests of Jesus. How did this reveal their priorities? What do our requests of Jesus reveal about our priorities?

5. This time Jesus does not ask the healed person to keep quiet, but sends him home as a missionary. What was his message and how might it have been received?

6. What kind of impression did the healed man make, and why?

7. Has the message that missionaries bring today changed? How is their message received?