Monthly Quiz and eBook giveaway

Narelle here. At the end of each month we will post a short quiz on our featured studies of the month. Yes, we will discover who has been paying attention to our posts!

The first person to provide the correct answers in a comment on the monthly quiz post will win a copy of the featured study of the month eBook and they will be added to our honour roll.

Since you all live in different time zones, it will be hard to try and make it fair for everyone. We will vary the time that the quiz is posted, so those of you who receive our blog posts via email or follow us on Facebook or Twitter will be the first to know when the quiz is posted.

The good news is that everyone who comments on the quiz post before the deadline and attempts to answer at least one question will also be entered in the drawing to win a copy of the featured study of the month eBook. Yes, this means you can have incorrect answers and still be in the running to win an eBook. We figured this was the fairest way to handle the giveaway and we like to reward people who try and have a go!

More information on the May quiz will be posted over the next few weeks.

Friday Community Day

Narelle here. Friday is our Community Day on the blog and each Friday we’re going to focus on small groups. We would like to feature groups from all around the world. Each group is different and we’d like to know what it is that you love about your group. What makes your group unique and why do you think it’s important to meet together to study the Bible?

Next Friday I will talk about the ladies Bible study group that inspired Deb and I to write our 30 Minute Bible Studies.

We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your group. Please contact us at: community [at] 30minutebiblestudies [dot] com if you’d like your group to be featured in our Friday Community Day posts.

Australia Day

Narelle here. We’re calling Thursday our ‘Australia Day’ on the blog because our Thursday posts will usually feature a downunder theme.

I live in Canberra, the nation’s capital, and each year we celebrate Australia Day on January 26. The First Fleet from England landed at Circular Quay in Sydney Harbour on January 26, 1788. The view from Circular Quay, in the heart of Sydney, certainly looks different more than two hundred years later.

We hope you’ll join us on Thursdays when our posts will feature people, places and all things Aussie!

May Featured Bible Studies of the Month

Narelle here. We’re excited to announce that we will be featuring four Bible studies in May. We decided to start at the beginning and look at our two studies on Adam and Eve. In mid-May we will look at our two studies on Abraham and Sarah.

The questions for all four Bible studies are currently available on the Studies page on our website. We have packaged these studies together and the leader’s guide (including suggested answers for each question) is available for purchase at Smashwords for US1.99. The eBook includes a leader’s guide that can help your Bible study group explore and discuss answers to each Bible study question.

The studies are available in multiple electronic formats for download, including Kindle, Epub and pdf.

If you’re planning to use our study questions with your group, we hope you will consider investing a few dollars to help your group members get more value out of the studies.

Each month we plan to release a new featured Bible study series on Smashwords and include additional information relating to the studies in our Monday and Wednesday posts. We hope you will find these additional resources helpful.

Tuesday Fiction Day

Narelle here. I’m really looking forward to Tuesday on our blog because it’s our fiction day. I love fiction and I write contemporary inspirational and sweet romance. Please visit my website for more info.

On Tuesday we will feature Christian fiction (all genres) although we will highlight Biblical fiction books that are related to our Bible studies. I will also provide book recommendations and let you know what I liked about the book.

We all have different tastes when it comes to fiction. In fact, Deb has occasionally lacked enthusiasm for books that I’ve loved. I won’t be providing a critical review because I am first and foremost a writer. I have many author friends and I will pass on talking about a book rather than say something negative that could potentially damage book sales. This is my personal opinion and choice, and I know there are many excellent reviewers out there who provide a more critical appraisal of Christian fiction.

Please feel free to respectfully disagree with my recommendations and suggest alternative books to our blog readers that you have loved. I enjoy discussing Christian fiction and I’m looking forward to having fun on Tuesdays!

Featured Studies of the Month

Welcome to the new 30 Minute Bible Studies blog! We’re glad you’ve visited us and we’re looking forward to sharing more resources with you.

We will be posting five days per week, Monday to Friday. On Monday and Wednesday we will post information relating to our featured studies of the month.

Please note that we have a number of free Bible studies available on our website. These free studies include Bible study questions. We are starting to release fully featured Bible studies that include a leader’s guide. The Bible study leader’s guides will be available for purchase via eBook electronic download at Smashwords and the questions relating to these studies will be listed under the Studies link on our website.

Our post on Wednesday will provide more information on our May Bible studies.

Blog starting April 23

We will be officially launching the 30 Minute Bible Studies blog later this month. Starting Monday, April 23 we will be posting five days a week, Monday to Friday. Please stay tuned for more information.