ACRBA tour Boondaburra by Natalie Lonsdale


17 – 21 June

is introducing

(Even Before Publishing, February 2013)

By Natalie Lonsdale

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Light The Dark

About the Author

Natalie Lonsdale is a former Early Childhood Educator who is currently studying to be a Library Technician. Natalie loves children’s literature, photography, travelling, history, and eucalyptus trees. Boondaburra is Natalie’s first book, and she is working on several more. Natalie has a heart to write stories that encourage children to delight in God’s word and in His love.

About the book:

Boondaburra is sad. Why do the other animals make fun of him just because he is different? When tragedy strikes in the Australian bush, Boondaburra learns that being unique has its advantages. Boondaburra is the story of a platypus’ journey from rejection to accepting and understanding his uniqueness, and the friends who come to accept and admire those differences.

Narelle: I really enjoyed reading Boondaburra. The illustrations are gorgeous and relevant to the action taking place. The story celebrates God’s creation of many different types of animals. At the start of the story Boondaburra struggles with feelings of inadequacy because the other animals treat him like an outcast.

A number of native Australian animals are included in the story and they learn the importance of appreciating each other’s unique characteristics. The author’s note at the end provides fascinating platypus facts. I highly recommend Boondaburra to those looking for a fun and inspiring children’s story.

Many thanks to Even Before Publishing for providing a review copy.

ACRBA tour More than a Mouse

18 – 22 March

is introducing

Hyaline House Publishing April 2013


Penny Reeve

If you click on the link you will be able to preorder the book from Penny’s website.

About the Book

Tania Abbey is so excited. She’s waited and waited and it’s finally her turn to bring Pepperoni, the class mouse, home for a week. But her mum isn’t convinced – not with Gran coming to stay – and when Tania’s brother Daniel is involved in a serious accident, the little black and white mouse doesn’t seem quite so important after all. Unimportant, that is, until one night Pepperoni decides to escape…

About the Author

Penny Reeve grew up as the child of missionary parents in a variety of cross cultural settings. She then went to university, got married and served for several years herself in PNG and Nepal.

She now lives with her family in Western Sydney and is the author of 11 children’s books including the very popular Find the Animal series for young children and the social-justice themed Tania Abbey novels.


Narelle: I really enjoyed reading this delightful children’s book. Tania Abbey is the kind of girl you’d like your daughter to befriend. She is kind, thoughtful and not afraid to embark on a few adventures. Pepperoni is a cute mouse who plays a pivotal role in the story.

The story flows well and we gain an insight into Tania’s faith as she deals with various issues, including her brother’s accident. I was a little confused by the significance of a couple of minor characters until I realised More than a Mouse is not the first book in the series. I recommend this book to children who are looking for an engaging story that reveals Biblical truths.

Book Recommendation: Jackson Jones – The Tale of a Boy, an Elf and a Very Stinky Fish

Back cover blurb:

Sometimes you have to get lost to figure out where you’re going. All Jackson wants is to be the hero, just for once in his life. The hero who steps in at the last minute to save the universe. The hero who saves the entire village from a raging fire. Great Aunt Harriett is always telling him find his own story, but so far his story doesn’t seem very exciting. Until he falls into Great Aunt Harriett’s hair, that is. There Jackson will encounter a world of elves, trap doors, bubblegum-blowing birds, hairy-backed spiders, kangaroo meat, and perilous danger which requires … a hero.

Narelle: I really enjoyed reading this book and I asked my daughter to provide her thoughts on the story.

Jackson Jones is a good book because it has got a lot of imagination in it. It has lots of cool but weird things like: elfs, stinky fish, beet risotto, and bean burgers. And other things. Jackson Jones is a funny book because Jackson falls into Great Aunt Harriett’s hair and has the most exciting adventure ever. I can’t wait to read Book 2!”

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Jackson Jones, Book 1: The Tale of a Boy, an Elf, and a Very Stinky Fish at

DVD Recommendation: Veggie Tales – King George and the Ducky

Deborah: If you have never watched a Veggie Tales DVD, then you have been missing some of the cleverest, funniest, most poignant and silliest cartoons ever. Many of the “Tales” are based on familiar Bible stories, packaged to be memorable and fun for children and adults alike.

This medieval-style tale of a selfish king (played by Larry the cucumber) is the “G” rated version of David and Bathsheba. Like David, King George is not at war (the Great Pie War) but instead spends all his time in the bathtub. One day King George sees someone else having a bath singing lovingly to their rubber ducky, and he is overcome with the desire to take the ducky, despite having a whole cupboard full of duckies of his own. He sends the ducky owner to war, puts him in the frontline and steals the ducky. When “Melvin the wise man” (played by Pa Grape) confronts him with the same story Nathan tells in the Bible, of the poor man and his lamb, King George is outraged and condemns himself. In this cartoon version he is able to “make it right” and it all turns out well, but the point is still made.

In a culture where the media is busy telling everyone that they are the most important person in the world, we need to hear that being selfish hurts other people. The “Silly Song” on this episode is my favourite – called “Endangered Love”, where Larry is watching a Manatee soap opera and doing the tango with a toy manatee. It contains the immortal line “Manatee from Heaven”. I guess it has to be seen to be understood. (For Australians: a manatee is like a dugong or sea cow. These ones are called Bill and Barbara.)

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