Mark Studies 38-45 ~ Bible Study Questions

Gospel of Mark Studies 38-45

Mark Study 38

Read Mark 14: 1-11

1. What is the “Passover”?

2. Why might the people have rioted?

3. Why did the woman pour expensive perfume on Jesus’ head?

4. Why did this upset the disciples?

5. What is Jesus’ response?

6. What teaching and warning does Jesus give the disciples?

7. What does Judas Iscariot then do, and why?

8. How do we show our devotion to Jesus?

Mark Study 39

Read Mark 14: 12-26

1. What new meaning did Jesus bring to the Passover Meal (The Lord’s Supper)?

2. Why is it significant that Jesus’ death happened at the Passover?

3. Why do we include the Lord’s Supper in our church services?

Read John 1: 29 and 1 Corinthians 5: 7

4. How do the disciples react when Jesus declares that one of the twelve will betray him? (verse 18)

5. What does Jesus mean when he says: “You will all fall away”?

6. Why does Peter declare that he will be different and not fall away?

7. What does this show us about the promises we make to God?

Mark Study 40

Read Mark 14: 32-42

1. Why did Jesus go to Gethsemene?

2. Why did Jesus take Peter, James and John with him?

3. What does Jesus’ prayer reveal about his humanity and his relationship with God?

4. Why did Jesus rebuke his disciples for falling asleep?

5. What does this passage teach us about:

  • God
  • Prayer, and
  • being a good friend?
Read Mark 14: 43-52

6. How was Jesus betrayed?

  • by Judas,
  • by the Jewish Authorities, and
  • by the Disciples?

7. What was Jesus’ response to being arrested? (Read Isaiah 53:7 and Mark 10:33)

Mark Study 41

Read Mark 14:53-65

1. Where was Jesus taken after his arrest?

2. Of what crime was Jesus accused?

3. Were the Sanhedrin interested in the truth?

4. What conclusion did the Sanhedrin draw? (verse 64)

Read Mark 14: 66-72

5. Why was Peter in the courtyard?

6. Why did Peter deny he knew Jesus three times?

7. How did Peter respond when he heard the rooster crow twice?

8. In what way do we deny Jesus?