Mark Studies 1-7 ~ Bible Study Questions

Gospel of Mark Studies 1-7

Mark Study 1

Read Mark 1: 1-18

1. What is the “gospel” (good news) about Jesus?

2. In the Old Testament God promised to send a messenger to prepare the way for His Messiah (or Christ). In the light of these prophesies, what was John’s own understanding of his mission?

3. What was John’s message?

4. What is the first step to receiving Jesus? (see v.4)

Read Mark 1: 9-13

5. Why was Jesus baptised? Who endorses Jesus’ mission and how?

6. What is the first thing Jesus does on His mission? Who sent Him and what was achieved? (Read Matthew 4:11 for more detail)

7. Can Jesus understand what we go through when we are tempted? How was Jesus’ experience similar to ours and how was it different?

Mark Study 2

Read Mark 1: 14-20

1. Jesus declares that the moment has come to join God’s kingdom. How does one join?

2. What does Jesus ask the fishermen to do?

Read Mark 1: 21-28

3. How was Jesus’ teaching different from that of the teachers of the law?

4. What is the significance of the evil spirit recognising Jesus?

5. What was the reaction of the people who witnessed Jesus casting out the evil spirit?

Read Mark 1: 29-34

6. Who did Jesus heal?

7. Why did Jesus tell the demons to stay quiet?

8. List the different reactions to Jesus’ early ministry in this study. Which of these do we see today?

Mark Study 3

Read Mark 1: 35-39

1. What do Jesus’ actions first thing in the morning show about His priorities?

2. In verse 38, what does Jesus say is His purpose for coming?

Read Mark 1: 40-45

3. How is Jesus’ compassion shown to the man with leprosy?

4. Jesus instructed the man not to tell everyone. Why did the man do so anyway and what were the consequences?

5. Why does Jesus heal when the publicity threatens His freedom to preach?

6. How does understanding Jesus’ priorities in this study help to guide us when we pray?

Mark Study Four

Read Mark 2: 1-12

1. According to Jesus, what was the paralysed man’s greatest need?

2. What was the reaction of the teachers of the law?

3. What does Jesus reveal about His authority through His words and actions?

4. How did the crowd react to the paralytic being healed?

Read Mark 2: 13-17

5. Who was Jesus having dinner with at Levi’s house?

6. What advantage do the “sinners” have over the religious teachers in following Jesus?

7. How can self-righteousness hinder us?