David and Bathsheba ~ Bible Study Questions

David and Bathsheba – Study One

Read 2 Samuel 11

1. What impression do we get of David in the first five verses?

2. What do we learn about Bathsheba?

3. How was Uriah’s attitude a contrast to David’s? (verses 6-13)

4. What was David’s first sin in this chapter? How did he compound sin upon sin? What could he have done differently at each step?

5. How did David seek to deceive others?

6. Who else was harmed by David’s sin?

7. What does this chapter teach about temptation, power, sin and deceit?

David and Bathsheba – Study Two

Read 2 Samuel 12:1-25

1. Why did Nathan begin with a story?

2. How did David’s reaction condemn him?

3. What were the consequences of his sin? Why?

4. How did David respond to the prophesy?

5. How did God show His mercy in the midst of His judgement?

6. Read Psalm 51, written by David in response to the revealing of his sin. What can it teach us about repentance and mercy?

7. How were David and Bathsheba remembered?

8. What can we learn from David and Bathsheba?