Repentance ~ Bible Study Questions

Messages From The Messiah

Repentance Study 1: God’s Prophets Call for Repentance

Read Isaiah 59:12-21

1. What sins had God’s people committed?

2. How have their sins affected their relationship with God?

3. What did God promise to do?

Read Jeremiah 18:1-10

4. How is God like a potter and how are His people like clay?

Read Ezekiel 18:25-32

5. Why might people doubt that God is just?

6. What is repentance and why does God require it?

Read Jonah 3

7. How did the people of Nineveh show their repentance? Why?

8. How do God’s people show repentance today?

Repentance Study 2: Jesus’ Teachings about Repentance

Read Luke 15

1. In the first two parables, who is the one to act and who do they represent?

2. In the third parable (v17-20), how does the son “repent”?

3. Why was the older brother angry? What injustice did he perceive?

4. What is the father’s response to each of his sons? What does this teach us about God?

Read Luke 5:27-32

5. Why has Jesus come? In verse 27, what does He command?

6. What is Levi’s response?

7. How are the Pharisees and teachers of the law like the older brother in Jesus’ parable above?

8. How can God’s people deceive themselves today, thinking they are religious when their hearts are unrepentant? How can we avoid this trap?

Repentance Study 3: Spreading the Messiah’s Message of Repentance

Read Romans 2:1-11

1. How do some people misunderstand or try to take advantage of God’s kindness and compassion?

2. In what is the consequence of having an unrepentant heart?

3. What is promised to those who do what is good?

Read 2 Peter 3:8-10

4. Why is God holding off on the Day of Judgement?

Read Acts 26:12-20

5. What mission does Jesus give Paul, and to whom is Paul sent?

6. In verse 18 how does Jesus define repentance?

7. How is repentance different from just being sorry, and how is Paul’s own repentance an example?

8. How does our understanding of judgement and repentance affect our relationships with God and with others?