The Woman of Samaria ~ Bible Study Questions

People Of the New Testament

The Woman of Samaria Study 1: An Unexpected Encounter with the Messiah

Read John 4:1-26

1. Why is the woman surprised when Jesus asks her for a drink?

2. What does Jesus offer her? What does He mean?

3. What is her situation? How does she react to Jesus’ knowledge of her?

4. How does Jesus settle the question of where to worship? How will the divide between Jew and Samaritan change in the Kingdom of God?

5. Jesus says, “The time has now come” to worship in spirit and truth. How does Jesus enable the people of God to worship in Spirit and Truth?

6. What hope does this woman of Samaria share with the Jews who worship in

7. What amazing claims does Jesus make? (v12-15 and v25-26)

8. What can we learn from Jesus’ interaction with this woman?

The Woman of Samaria Study 2: The Work of the Messiah

Read John 4:27-42

1. What does the reaction of the disciples reveal about them?

2. The woman had come in the heat of the day to draw water, a time when she could have expected to be alone. Why might this have been the case?

3. Why then did she immediately seek out people from the town?

4. In His parable about the harvest, what does Jesus teach the disciples about the gospel?

5. What convinced the Samaritans that Jesus was “The Saviour of the World”?

6. In what way are the people of Samaria “ripe for harvest?” How do they differ from many of Jesus’ Jewish hearers?

7. Who do you know that might be “ripe for harvest”? Where can you help to sow?