Adam and Eve ~ Bible Study Questions

Adam and Eve – Study One

Read Genesis 1:26 – 2:25

1. In what way was man different to the other living creatures? What was his purpose?

2. Why was Eve created? What was her purpose?

3. What was the nature of Adam and Eve’s relationship?

4. What was their relationship with God and his creation?

Read Genesis 3:1-5

5. What commandment did God give Adam? What did He say the consequences would be of breaking this rule?

6. How did the serpent undermine God’s authority? Was the serpent lying?

7. In what ways do people deceive themselves when they are tempted in order to justify being disobedient to God?

Adam and Eve – Study Two

Read Genesis 3:1-19

1. What was it about the forbidden fruit that tempted Eve? What did Adam do?

2. How did Adam and Eve try to hide or excuse their shame?

Read Genesis 3:8-19

3. What were the consequences of their sin for:

a) The serpent

b) Eve

c) Adam

4. How were relationships altered after Adam and Eve sinned between:

a) People and God

b) Man and woman

d) People and creation

5. Why did God banish them from the Garden of Eden? How was this a merciful act?

Read Genesis 3:15, 3:20-24 and 4:25-26

6. What hope does God offer them? How was that hope kept alive?

Read Hebrews 2:9-18

7. How is God’s promise fulfilled?

8. How can sin impact our relationship with God?