Abraham and Sarah ~ Bible Study Questions

Abraham and Sarah (Abram and Sarai) Study One: The Covenant

Read Genesis 12:1-9

1. List everything God told Abram to leave. What would that have meant for Abram and Sarai?

2. What three things did God promise Abram?

3. When God promised blessing, what did He mean? (Hint – read ahead to Genesis 15:1)

Read Genesis 15

4. How does God clarify His promise to Abram? What further promises did He make?

5. What was the nature of Abram’s faith and his doubts?

6. In verses 13-16 God foretold the circumstances of Abram’s descendants taking possession of the Promised Land. Why couldn’t they take it now? What did this tell us about God’s character and plan?

7. God made a covenant with Abram, declaring an oath while passing between the halves of slaughtered animals. Read Jeremiah 34:18-20. What was the consequence of breaking such a covenant? What responsibility did God take on?

8. What do we learn about Abram, Sarai and their place in God’s plan?

Abraham and Sarah (Abram and Sarai) Study Two: Believing the Impossible Promise

1. From the previous study, what were Abram and Sarai’s concerns about God’s promise?

Read Genesis 16

2. What was Sarai’s proposed solution? Why?

3. Who was responsible for the tensions that result?

4. What were the consequences of Abram and Sarai’s lack of faith for:

a) Sarai

b) Abram

c) Hagar

Genesis 17:1-18:15

5. How did God again clarify His promise to Abram? What further promises did He make?

Read Genesis 21:1-6

6. How did Abraham and Sarah respond to God’s faithfulness to His promises concerning Isaac? Which of God’s promises do we find hard to believe?

Read Peter 3:3-6 and Hebrews 11:1-2 and 8-12

7. For what were Abraham and Sarah commended?

8. What can we learn from Abraham and Sarah’s example?