Book Recommendation – Couples of the Bible: A One-Year Devotional Study

Couples of the Bible

Back Cover blurb:

In this scrapbook of your spiritual family tree, you have the faithful patriarchs and matriarchs who make you proud…and the scoundrels who you’d rather not talk about. But all of these ancestors, Couples of the Bible, will give you a snapshot of your biblical heritage. Some bring encouragement, others offer a stern warning.

Through this 52-week devotional experience, you will be reacquainted with the obstacles and outcomes of familiar couples like Abraham and Sarah…and meet some lesser-known couples like Othniel and Aksah. Each week focuses on one couple of the Bible, from Adam and Eve to Christ and His Bride. You will read their story, learn about their cultural setting and explore how their story can teach you important truths about your own marriage. Each week you will be guided with questions applying biblical truth to your relationship with your spouse. And you’ll finish the week with a time of reflection, thanksgiving and prayer.

Couples of the Bible will teach you how God guided couples in the past and will encourage you to trust in his faithfulness for your marriage.

Narelle: I really liked the concept underpinning Couples of the Bible. The devotional book is designed to help couples strengthen their marriage by studying the many examples of married couples in the Bible. Each couple lived a flawed marriage and they had unique challenges to overcome. Some couples walked closely with the Lord, for example Ruth and Boaz, while others turned away from the Lord, for example Ahab and Jezebel.

The following quote from the book sums up the essence of the devotions: The Bible is a living book, a love story. It is the inspired story of the great King in heaven who woos His people and commits Himself to perfectly love them forever. 

There are 5 devotions each week for 52 weeks. Day 1 looks at the narrative Biblical story of the couple. Day 2 provides the cultural background. Day 3 asks the reader to put themselves in the couple’s shoes and imagine living their lives. Day 4 explores the issues facing married couples by looking at application questions relating to the couple. Day 5 examines the couple’s legacy and includes a time of reflection and prayer.

The devotions are informative and will help you learn more about the Biblical characters in an easy to read format. I’m a fan of the traditional devotional structure that includes all the above elements on the one day. The five way split is great for couples who lead  busy lives and can only snatch a short time together to read the book. My preference, time permitting, would be to group the first three days together, and explore the last two days either separately or together. One reason being I like to know the cultural setting when I’m reading the narrative text of the Biblical story. I recommend this devotional book to couples wanting to gain a greater understanding of how God reveals himself through the lives of couples in the Bible.

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