In Quick Succession

by Maree Long

“Long may she reign” are the words I would dearly love to hear my children and grandchildren cry out. If not in voice then surely from their heart.

For then I would know as a self proclamated matriach of the family I have done well. I guess it’s the kind of recognition that doesn’t show itself until your children grown, their children following suit.

If they find me favorable in their lives and I find myself most loved by them, I know that they will feel loved, valued, and they will know unequivocably my love for Jesus.

They would be successful of course in their marriages, relationships, they would find their purpose and gifting of God. Each of them would be the jewels in my reigning crown. They are the longing in my heart that prays for them daily for their salvation, for them to love the Lord, for them to take up their cross and each a leader in their own right.

Six kids all strong, accomplished, employable and hardworking raising their kids the same way. What I long for most is for each of my precious jewels to shine in their lives, fit and able to take up the reigns in their own family lives.

To be thoughtful and caring of each other, to be equipped to fill my shoes, to walk in the footsteps of my risen savior, their creator. Even now I long to be more of myself for that matter to be more like Jesus. Ever mindful of eternal things.

About the author:

Debe Thomas writes under the name MAREE LONG in memory of her Grandfathers line. Like families with threads that delicate connect us to each other so is her writing. Threads of thoughts and themes connecting always it seems to the Creator.

As facilitator & Convenor of Cafe Soiree that presents opportunities for amateur to professional poets, songwriters, and playwrites to artists and photographers, Debe creates events that bring the unexpected into peoples lives.

Debe, an avid writer of poetry, likes most often to let the keyboard take her mind on a journey. Writing, crafting, lunching, photography, painting and teaching along with dancing are all passions that have much in common and bring about the variety and enjoyment that is so typically Debe.

Debe loves to encourage other women through her guest speaker engagements and like her writing finds that the Lord can often change the direction of thought that guides her pen.

Why I write:

Like all of the activities I do – I write because I enjoy it and it brings me joy and fulfillment. I love the life the Lord has given me. I engage in all of my activities with a view to encourage those around me in the hope that they are drawn closer to the God I love.

I am blessed to have a husband who encourages and supports all of my creative endeavors and he has been the backbone and rock I am thankful and appreciative of.

I have always journalled and the echoes of my childhood ring loudly in my ear that one day I would write a book as I told one school friend one afternoon. I recall how excited she was for me. Writing is a great therapy, I write when inspired during a sermon, waiting at the Drs, in fact my girlfriends are accepting of me when lunching that I must have a pen and paper and if none available I will write on menus or serviettes…I have notebooks in my bag, in the car and still there is never enough paper and pens to satisfy.

I love the mystery of the pen and blank pages of what it will reveal in my heart and of my Creator Lord. What I hope and pray most is to write most successfuly by the end of my days is to write the love of God on all my childrens hearts and all their childrens hearts. I hope that as people read my life, they learn more about who I am in God and that they will see the threads connecting them to the Creator.