The Heavens Declare

by Jo D. Brennan

The coast of Tanzania in East Africa gradually faded in the clouds as the jet traversed the ocean. Finally Jo could see it no longer. She leaned back and closed her eyes as her tears fell. After eighteen years serving God in that beloved country she was leaving, due to an illness caused by long emotional stress.

Three questions occupied her mind.

  • What had brought about this terrible day?
  • Would she ever come back to Africa?
  • Was it her own fault?


JO D. BRENNAN was born in Leura, NSW and grew up in Sydney. An art student, she later trained as a nurse at RPA before studying at Deaconess House for 2 years. She spent 18 years in Tanzania, East Africa, as a missionary with CMS from 1962-1980. In 1988 she returned to Africa, this time Liberia,  but was evacuated in 1990 from Liberia to England, where she lived for 6 months.

Jo Brennan 1Jo D. Brennan and Joy Crombie (missionary from SIM, New Zealand)

In 1990 Jo went to Sri Lanka, where she worked with Columbo City Mission. During this time they  opened a medical clinic in a poor area and cared for street children, leaving in 1995 for Australia. She also wrote her first book, I Heard a Voice, in 1995. In 2002 she wrote The Twin’s Secret for 8-12 year olds. The Heavens Declare, Jo’s biography, was published in 2012 by Ark House Press.

Jo’s book, The Heavens Declare, is available at: