Australian Christian Readers Blog Alliance (ACRBA): Blog tours start in November

by Narelle Atkins


The Australian Christian Readers Blog Alliance (ACRBA) has its first blog tour starting next week. If you’re a regular blogger and interested in writing reviews of mostly Australian Christian books, please check out the blog alliance guidelines. Joining a blog alliance is a great way to promote your favourite authors and discover new authors. Blog alliance members have the opportunity to request review copies of fiction, non-fiction and childrens books. For more information, please visit

Below is the current list of upcoming ACRBA blog tours. Publishers and authors who are interested in touring their books can check out the Book Submission Guidelines on the ACRBA website.

November 2012
Fiction 5th – 9th: Return to Baragula by Mary Hawkins
Non fiction 19th – 23rd: Bethlehem’s Warrior Baby (31 Day Devotional) by Ray Hawkins

December 2012
Fiction 3rd – 7th: Back to Resolution by Rose Dee
Non fiction 17th – 21th: Strength Renewed: Meditations for Your Journey through Breast Cancer by Shirley Corder

January 2013
Fiction 7th – 11th: A Simple Mistake by Andrea Grigg
Non fiction 21st – 25th: God’s Poetry – The Identity and Destiny Encoded in Your Name by Anne Hamilton

February 2013
Fiction 4th – 8th: The Greenfield Legacy by Meredith Resce, Paula Vince, Amanda Deed and Rose Dee
Non fiction 18th – 22nd: Soul Friend: The story of a shared spiritual journey by Jo-Anne Berthelsen

March 2013
Fiction 4th – 8th: Tangled Secrets by Carol Preston
Childrens 18th – 22nd: More Than a Mouse by Penny Reeves

April 2013
Fiction 1st – 5th: Web of Lies by Laura O’Connell
Non fiction/Childrens 15th – 19th:

May 2013
Fiction 6th – 10th: Ellenvale Gold by Amanda Deed
Non fiction/Childrens 20th – 24th:

June 2013
Fiction 3rd – 7th: Picking up the Pieces by Paula Vince
Childrens 17th – 21st: Boondaburra by Natalie Lonsdale