Aussie Christian Fiction: The Greenfield Legacy

by Paula Vince

Early this year, I had a sudden idea. I thought it would be great for four Australian Christian fiction authors to collaborate together on a novel. I asked three friends, Meredith Resce, Amanda Deed and Rose Dee, if they would like to join me in the adventure. I call it that because it was unexplored territory for all of us and we had no idea how we would make it work. We learned as we went, and now have a brand new novel, “The Greenfield Legacy” which we’re all proud of. I’d love to share some of my favourite surprises about collaborating that I discovered during the process.

Firstly, when four people set to work brainstorming a plot and cast of characters, the result is a lovely blend of signature strengths, nothing like anybody expects. We had two historical fiction and two contemporary fiction authors. Our tale spans four generations, complete with plot twists, family secrets, romance and drama. We were each assigned one of four key characters, from whose point of view we would write. Some of the storyline developed organically as we went along, so we each found our own characters having to react to unexpected events from the minds of the other authors. We are sure this helps give the story extra credibility and depth.

Secondly, it’s good to challenge readers to try to tell our voices apart. This is already making us smile, as we know several readers have not got it right at all. We loved the opportunity to be able to explore significant issues from the perspectives of our separate characters. These include the repercussions of adoption within a family, the effects of withholding forgiveness and the possibility of snatching chances to undo former mistakes. We attempted to make readers understand the totally opposite feelings of different characters, providing a thought-provoking as well as enjoyable read.

Back Cover Blurb:

How can one decision cause so much pain? Can it also bring hope?

Mattie was in love with Billy, but she was too young to wed. When Billy was conscripted to fight in Vietnam, they made a decision that impacted their lives and their future. But so much pain resulted that Mattie never really healed. Every turn Mattie made affected her daughter and her granddaughter in ways she didn’t even realise. But forty-six years later, is it time for things to be set right?

Navy is a young woman who has never known her family. But what could be a wonderful opportunity is met with jealousy and apprehension from her cousin, Brooke, and her aunt Connie, especially with handsome Aidan around. Each must look past their struggles and find forgiveness and trust, and perhaps even love.

Left to Right: Rose Dee, Meredith Resce, Paula Vince, Amanda Deed.

Award-winning author, PAULA VINCE loves to evoke tears and laughter through writing fiction. She stirs her stories with mystery, romance, drama and suspense to create something delectably special. A wife and homeschooling mother of three children, she resides in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, a beautiful spot for inspiration with its breath-taking scenery and four distinct seasons.

For over ten years, Paula’s aim has been to provide quality faith-inspired fiction set in Australia. Her quest started way back when, as a Uni student, she discovered the writing of American Christian fiction authors. Her passion is to provide the same enjoyable reads highlighting her own country.

“I’ve come to see that a story has its own awesome power to touch readers’ hearts in ways other genres do not. A story in which we grow to care for the hero has the potential to remain in our hearts for a long time. I love the challenge of making people laugh, cry and cheer.”

After years of plodding on with minimal return, as Australian-based Christian fiction was regarded as something of an oddity, Paula’s efforts are beginning to bear fruit, at last.

Her novel, “Picking up the Pieces” won the religious fiction section of the 2011 International Book Awards.

Her novel, “Best Forgotten” was the winner of the 2011 CALEB Award in the fiction category, and also recognized as the best overall entry for the year, chosen over memoirs, devotionals and general fiction.

She is delighted that her books are now available for international readers too.

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