DVD Recommendation: Veggie Tales – King George and the Ducky

Deborah: If you have never watched a Veggie Tales DVD, then you have been missing some of the cleverest, funniest, most poignant and silliest cartoons ever. Many of the “Tales” are based on familiar Bible stories, packaged to be memorable and fun for children and adults alike.

This medieval-style tale of a selfish king (played by Larry the cucumber) is the “G” rated version of David and Bathsheba. Like David, King George is not at war (the Great Pie War) but instead spends all his time in the bathtub. One day King George sees someone else having a bath singing lovingly to their rubber ducky, and he is overcome with the desire to take the ducky, despite having a whole cupboard full of duckies of his own. He sends the ducky owner to war, puts him in the frontline and steals the ducky. When “Melvin the wise man” (played by Pa Grape) confronts him with the same story Nathan tells in the Bible, of the poor man and his lamb, King George is outraged and condemns himself. In this cartoon version he is able to “make it right” and it all turns out well, but the point is still made.

In a culture where the media is busy telling everyone that they are the most important person in the world, we need to hear that being selfish hurts other people. The “Silly Song” on this episode is my favourite – called “Endangered Love”, where Larry is watching a Manatee soap opera and doing the tango with a toy manatee. It contains the immortal line “Manatee from Heaven”. I guess it has to be seen to be understood. (For Australians: a manatee is like a dugong or sea cow. These ones are called Bill and Barbara.)

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