Blog posting schedule

Narelle here. In September we will start featuring our Gospel of Mark Bible studies. There are 45 studies in our Gospel of Mark series and we plan to release 9 eBook Leaders Guides, the first by the end of September. The free Bible study questions for all 45 studies can be found on our website here.

Starting in September we are changing the blog posting schedule to three days a week, Tuesday to Thursday (Australian time). We will occasionally have a Friday Community Day post featuring small Bible study groups from around the world.

Tuesday: Our fiction day on the blog.

Wednesday: A post related to our featured Bible studies (Gospel of Mark).

Thursday: Originally our ‘Australia Day’ on the blog, the posts will now cover a broader range of topics eg. non-fiction and childrens books, guest bloggers, announcements and upcoming events, free eBooks and giveaways, devotional posts.