Bible Society Australia: Live light in 25 words

by Narelle Atkins

During the month of October, Bible Society Australia are encouraging people to ‘Live light in 25 words’ by reading 25 words or more from the Bible every day from October 1-31.

There is a sign up page on their website and you can receive daily encouragement emails in October to help you create and maintain a habit of reading the Bible every day. You can also read the Bible with well-known Aussie Christians to inspire your daily habit. And watch ‘The Good Book talks’ – 20 minute talks from Aussie Christian leaders to encourage your Bible reading habit.

My family and I are going to participate and there was a lot of discussion over which part of the Bible we should read. We’ve chosen to read the Gospel of Matthew and our goal is to read the entire gospel during October.

I’ll post more information toward the end of September and you’ll be able to follow our daily reading progress on the 30 Minute Bible Study Facebook page. We hope you’ll join us in reading 25 words or more from the Bible during the 31 days in October.

For more information, please visit the Bible Society Australia website.