Book Recommendation: Sons of Encouragement (The Prince) by Francine Rivers

Back cover blurb:

In this five-book compilation of the Sons of Encouragement series, New York Times best-selling author Francine Rivers illuminates the lives of five Biblical men who stood behind the heroes of the faith and quietly changed eternity. Aaron, Caleb, Jonathan, Amos, and Silas each faithfully sought after God in the shadows of His chosen leaders. They answered God’s call to serve without recognition or fame. And they gave everything, knowing their reward might not come until the next life.

Narelle: Jonathan is one of the lesser known characters in the Bible yet his story in The Prince novella is one of remarkable faith. The eldest son of King Saul, he became the heir to the throne after the prophet Samuel anointed his father as the first king of Israel.

We journey with Jonathan as he meets David and later struggles to remain loyal to his father and his closest friend, the future King David of Israel. Jonathan’s story is both inspiring and poignant. I recommend this novella series to those looking for insightful and challenging Biblical fiction stories.

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