May Quiz answers: Quiz champions and eBook giveaway winners!

Congratulations to Mariah and Jayden who are our May 2012 Bible Quiz Champions!

Mariah and Jayden have won an eBook copy of People of the Old Testament: Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah and they are the first winners to be included in our Bible Quiz Honour Roll.

The May Quiz questions and answers are:

1. Name the brother who Cain murdered?

Answer: Abel

2. Which one of Adam and Eve’s sons is an ancestor of King David and Jesus?

Answer: Seth

3. Which country did God ask Abraham to leave when He established their covenant?

Answer: Ur (We will also accept Haran as a correct answer).

4. How old was Abraham when Isaac was born?

Answer: 100 years old.

5. What happened to Lot’s wife’s body to cause her death?

Answer: Her body turned into a pillar of salt.

6. Who is the oldest man mentioned in the book of Genesis and how old was he when he died?

Answer: Methuselah, 969 years old.

Our next Bible Quiz will be held on Wednesday, June 20 (Aussie time) and each month we will vary the time the quiz post goes live on the blog. You can follow the blog via email, Twitter or ‘Like’ our Facebook Page to receive notifications when the quiz is posted.