Meet Jenny Blake aka Ausjenny: Aussie blogger and book reviewer

I’m delighted to welcome Jenny Blake to our blog today. Jenny is known as Ausjenny in the online writing community and she is an Aussie reader who blogs about Christian fiction.

Narelle: How did you come by the name Ausjenny?

Jenny: When I first started on the Internet I was going to a scrapbooking forum and there was a Jenny from Downunder, and I started being Jenny from South Australia but it’s a lot to type. I cut it down to Ausjenny. It also was around the time I got the internet at home and had to have an email with eight characters. I was blakejennifer at one email but it was too long so Ausjenny was born. There are so many Jenny’s out there and a lot of Jenny Blake’s. I am Ausjenny on nearly all forums, and places including most of my emails.

Narelle: What inspired you to start blogging?

Jenny: I fell into blogging. When I first joined Shelfari I met Rel from Relz Reviewz and she told me how she has Aussie giveaways. From there I started visiting a few blogs and one of them was Camy Tang’s blog and she had a meme. To comment you needed to have a blogger account so I had that but it was the meme (list of questions you then send to others to fill in). That was Dec 2007, I was going to post book reviews at this stage. I guess I thought I would give it a go and see how I went.

Narelle: Please share with us your favourite Christian fiction genres.

Jenny: I am a historical fiction fan, I love history, never got to study it at school but love reading new facts. I am still waiting to use the trivia from a Gilbert Morris book in a trivia contest. The question is how did Roland Garros, home of the French Open, get its name. From the WW1 French Flying ace Roland Garros who helped invent the machine gun that didn’t shoot the propeller of their plane.

Narelle: What do you think makes Aussie Christian fiction unique in a market full of books from the US?

Jenny: Interesting question. The Australian voice is different from the American voice. Our speech is different in the way we say something and this comes out in our books. Things like the way we shorten words, use nicknames and just the names we use. I know some names in American books I have no idea how to pronounce or often have never heard of it before. Also it’s hard to tell where an Aussie comes from. In a book you can’t hear the difference in sound of dance. So can’t a Victorian from the rest of the country. There are a few words that are used in different states but not many where as in America there are distinct dialects.

Narelle: What kind of things do you post on your blog?

Jenny: I mentioned I am a member of a couple of blog alliances’ where I post the info on new book releases and at times will get to review some of these books also. I also post book reviews of books from alliance’s, books I have been asked to review for authors, and other review sites, and my own books I have read. I also have author interviews. Thursdays is normally Getting to know you Thursday where I introduce an author. Sometimes this will be a second interview to promote an author’s book. In December I normally have a Christmas focus. I also have giveaways often from the author.

Narelle: What advice would you give a reader who was thinking about writing book reviews?

Jenny: The main thing is write what you like about the book, how it makes you feel and maybe some of the issues it deals with. I try not to write about anything that happens after the first couple of chapters as it can give too much away. Often authors put surprises in books and it’s important not to mention this in a review. It can be hard as I often want to write about what I loved about the book and mention certain scenes but this will also give away parts of the story that a reader wants to discover on their own. It doesn’t matter if the review is only short just saying why you enjoy the book or if there is a reason you didn’t enjoy the book say why you didn’t enjoy it. Remember often the author will read the review and they like honesty.  At the same time put the positive’s about the book also.

Narelle: What’s coming up next on your blog?

Jenny: Actually I have my Getting to know you Thursday’s interview going up today. I tend to post in the evening and I have a new author from America who is going to give a free ebook download to everyone who leaves a comment with an email address. I also have a giveaway of Beyond Resolution by Rose Dee coming up.

I can be found at Twitter on @ausjenny, my blog is I have also started blogging for and review for The Suspense Zone on

Jenny, thanks for visiting with us today and giving us an insight into your blog. Jenny’s book giveaways are great for Aussie readers who are often excluded from entering book giveaways on overseas blogs.


JENNY BLAKE (aka AUSJENNY on most blogs and forums) is an avid reader from Australia. She started a library at church with most of the fiction books being donated by her. When not reading she enjoys watching cricket, in fact you could call her a cricket fanatic, scrapbooking and cross stitch. She volunteers at the local Christian bookshop where she can recommend fiction to customers. She has a book blog where she reviews books and interviews authors. Her goal is to help promote new books and encourage authors.


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