Community Day: Meet Heidi Silberman from Australia

I’d like to welcome Heidi Silberman to our blog today. Heidi’s group is from Canberra, Australia and has 40+ group members.

Narelle: Where does your group meet?

Heidi: Every Thursday during term time a group of about 40 women take over our church building. We chat over a cup of tea or coffee and a sumptuous spread of morning tea before dispersing to various hidey-holes in smaller groups to study God’s Word. It’s great to have this time of fellowship first and to feel like we are part of something bigger than the study groups of 6-8.

Narelle: What is your group currently studying?

Heidi: This term we have been able to choose which group to be part of. One is doing a “Back to Basics” of Christianity, another focusing on the roles of wife and mother and two groups (due to popular demand!) are studying the book of Romans.

I’m in one of the Romans groups and I love that we can dig our teeth into what God has to say to us through Paul’s words. I appreciate being listened to and being free to open up – I admit I cry on a regular basis at Bible study! I also love being one of the younger women in the group as I learn so much from these amazing role models who have been on their journey much longer than me.

Narelle: What do you like about your group and why do you think it’s important to belong to a Bible study group?

Heidi: I asked some of my group members to share their thoughts on the group.

Diana appreciates the gales of laughter that so often emanate from our corner of the building. She likes the freedom to share, to reveal weaknesses and fears and the affirmation she receives from hearing what others have to say.

Liz likes our group because “everyone is wiser than me”. She believes it is important to belong to a Bible study group in order to keep focusing on God regularly and so she can support her Christian sisters both practically and in prayer.

Cheryl likes the friendship that develops trust, bringing a freedom to share of ourselves.

Shelley thinks it is important to be part of a group as God uses others in the group to confirm what He has been saying in other parts of our lives.

Our group leader Robyn likes the insight that group members bring to our group. “People are not just saying the stock answer, but bring up things I hadn’t thought of.” She thinks it’s important to be part of a Bible study group because you can dig deeper than when studying on your own.

Rebecca says “I love the fellowship with other sisters in Christ, the closeness we can share, the encouragement we can provide to each other, and the learning of God’s Word together. I love sharing the common goal with other women of seeking to become more like Christ and seeking His truth and answers in the Word.” Close knit fellowship and accountability isn’t possible on Sunday morning so a Bible study can fill that gap.

Thank you Heidi for visiting with us today and giving us an insight into your group.

HEIDI SILBERMAN lives in Canberra, Australia with her husband and four gorgeous kids. She teaches and performs improvised theatre and loves writing. She has written for community websites and anthologies and her first 10 minute play will be performed in August.

Her parenting blog, Postcards From Planet Chaos, is at:

and her Christian devotional blog, Everyday Pearls, is at: