God’s Covenant with Abraham

by Narelle Atkins

In Genesis 12, God made a covenant with Abraham. This covenant was an important part of God’s plan of salvation for the world. A covenant can be defined as a formal agreement between two parties.

Genesis 12:1-3 outlined the three key promises in God’s covenant with Abraham.

God commanded Abram (later known as Abraham) to leave his homeland and father’s household for a new land. God promised to give Abraham and his descendents the land of Canaan.

God promised to make Abraham and his descendents into a great nation. Abraham’s name would be great and his descendents would be more numerous than the stars in the sky.

God promised to bless Abraham. God told Abraham He would bless those who bless Abraham and curse those who curse Abraham. And all the people on earth, every nation, would be blessed through Abraham.

As Abraham’s story unfolds in Genesis 12, we learn why Abraham questions how God will fulfill His covenant promises. Abraham and his wife Sarah (previously called Sarai) are very old and childless, and the land of Canaan is already inhabited by other people.

Ultimately, Jesus’ death and resurrection is the fulfilment of God’s covenant promises to Abraham. In Luke 22:19-20, Jesus shares His Last Supper with his disciples. Jesus tells His disciples that the cup He’s holding is the new covenant in His blood, poured out for them. Jesus establishes a new covenant to replace the old covenant, and He brings salvation and blessing to the world.