Monthly Quiz and eBook giveaway

Narelle here. At the end of each month we will post a short quiz on our featured studies of the month. Yes, we will discover who has been paying attention to our posts!

The first person to provide the correct answers in a comment on the monthly quiz post will win a copy of the featured study of the month eBook and they will be added to our honour roll.

Since you all live in different time zones, it will be hard to try and make it fair for everyone. We will vary the time that the quiz is posted, so those of you who receive our blog posts via email or follow us on Facebook or Twitter will be the first to know when the quiz is posted.

The good news is that everyone who comments on the quiz post before the deadline and attempts to answer at least one question will also be entered in the drawing to win a copy of the featured study of the month eBook. Yes, this means you can have incorrect answers and still be in the running to win an eBook. We figured this was the fairest way to handle the giveaway and we like to reward people who try and have a go!

More information on the May quiz will be posted over the next few weeks.