May Featured Bible Studies of the Month

Narelle here. We’re excited to announce that we will be featuring four Bible studies in May. We decided to start at the beginning and look at our two studies on Adam and Eve. In mid-May we will look at our two studies on Abraham and Sarah.

The questions for all four Bible studies are currently available on the Studies page on our website. We have packaged these studies together and the leader’s guide (including suggested answers for each question) is available for purchase at Smashwords for US1.99. The eBook includes a leader’s guide that can help your Bible study group explore and discuss answers to each Bible study question.

The studies are available in multiple electronic formats for download, including Kindle, Epub and pdf.

If you’re planning to use our study questions with your group, we hope you will consider investing a few dollars to help your group members get more value out of the studies.

Each month we plan to release a new featured Bible study series on Smashwords and include additional information relating to the studies in our Monday and Wednesday posts. We hope you will find these additional resources helpful.