Tuesday Fiction Day

Narelle here. I’m really looking forward to Tuesday on our blog because it’s our fiction day. I love fiction and I write contemporary inspirational and sweet romance. Please visit my website http://www.narelleatkins.com for more info.

On Tuesday we will feature Christian fiction (all genres) although we will highlight Biblical fiction books that are related to our Bible studies. I will also provide book recommendations and let you know what I liked about the book.

We all have different tastes when it comes to fiction. In fact, Deb has occasionally lacked enthusiasm for books that I’ve loved. I won’t be providing a critical review because I am first and foremost a writer. I have many author friends and I will pass on talking about a book rather than say something negative that could potentially damage book sales. This is my personal opinion and choice, and I know there are many excellent reviewers out there who provide a more critical appraisal of Christian fiction.

Please feel free to respectfully disagree with my recommendations and suggest alternative books to our blog readers that you have loved. I enjoy discussing Christian fiction and I’m looking forward to having fun on Tuesdays!